Petro-Flex & FueLocker Range Extension Bladders

800L FueLocker

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Part Number: PF-AB-200
Size: 1,422.4 x 1,422.4 x 355.6mm (56 x 56 x 14inches)
Description: 800L FueLocker Range Extension Bladder
Range extension fuel bladder constructed from highly durable nylon-reinforced material .

Extend the fuel range of your aircraft by installing a range extension bladder within the fuselage cargo area.

Unlike the Petro-Flex range of fuel bladders, which are manufactured in a simple 'pillow' shape, FueLocker bladders are manufactured with a flat base and vertical sides, meaning that they take up less space than the comparable-capacity Petro-Flex bladder.

FueLocker bladders are easy to refuel via a top-mounted standpipe (accepts standard pistol-type fuel nozzles).

The bladder is fully collapsible once drained of fuel, so can easily be folded up and stowed away.

• Manufactured from highly durable nylon-reinforced material
• Compatible Fluids - Petrol; E10; Diesel; Bio-Diesel; Jet fuel (inc. JP-8); Kerosene; Avgas; #2 & #4 fuel oil; Lubricants
• Filler - Standpipe with Safety Cap, Pressure Relief Valve & and Anti Back-Flow Valve
• Non-vented (i.e. collapses as fuel is withdrawn)
• Fully-collapsible - easily folded-up and stowed away when not in use

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