Moulded Tanks

Cost-effective moulded tanks can be designed and manufactured to suit custom requirements

Typical moulded solutions can be for fuel, oil, water and chemical tanks and the versatile nature of the ATL moulded product means that complex shapes can be created.

Utilising a special blend of material (ATL-565) that is unique to ATL, our moulded products are designed to exhibit incredible strength and durability, as well as minimal weight and extremely low permeation rates.

Not only do these polymer vessels have strong properties, but it in the event of an impact our moulded tanks are in fact flexible, absorbing impacts and ensuring that the material does not split, making our moulded fuel tanks uniquely crashworthy.

In addition to being able to create custom shapes and sizes, the internal arrangement and equipment are also fully customisable. For example, we can include features such as integral sumps, threaded inserts, baffles, metallic flanges, bosses, hose attachment nipples and mounting brackets to add to our huge range of pumps, filters, regulators, level sensing capabilities and more. It is also possible to incorporate OEM equipment such as pump packs where further cost saving and simplifications are required.

ATL has invested in new tooling techniques which vastly reduces the initial outlay and the resulting payback period for our moulded tanks, making a moulded tank a very popular choice for low to medium volume vehicle manufacturers as well as those that require hundreds or thousands of units. In fact, pack bay can occur after just 10-20 units when compared to a traditional bladder equivalent.

The lead time for brand new products, which are designed in-house by expert ATL staff, can be a matter of weeks. Once tooling has been created new products can be called-off at short notice, further enhancing the attractiveness of an ATL moulded tank.

Starting with just a sketch, a drawing, or a CAD model if available, the ATL technical team can provide our experience and expertise to specify a complete assembly that is right for your project. This can be for as little as a basic tank shape, or include our full arsenal of hardware, both internal and external, and can also include solutions for fabricated or composite containers.

Looking towards the future, we are continually researching and developing our moulding techniques and materials, with multiple layer experimentation and new material properties just a small insight into our future plans for this technology. We are always excited to push the boundaries of our technology, and welcome the chance to discuss new opportunities to apply it.

Saving countless lives for decades in National and International motorsport, the popular and low-cost standard Saver Cell range meets FIA/FT3 and MVSS-301 Specifications and have been well received in the Automotive, Aviation, Marine and Defence industries.

Custom Saver Cell assemblies can already be found in as number of motorsport projects, including the HWA Mercedes AMG GT4, McLaren 570S GT4, Aston Martin Vantage GT4 and the M-Sport Ford Fiesta R2.


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