ATL is the world leader for the design and manufacture of FIA Safety Fuel Cell technology 

We produce a wide variety of safety fuel cells, all of which meet and exceed the FIA standard FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 or FT5-1999 to which they are designed. They are crash-resistant, explosion-suppressant and extremely lightweight, thereby offering performance gains alongside major safety improvements

ATL Fuel Cells are the equipment of choice for almost all motorsport manufacturers across the world, and we are proud to work closely with professional motorsport manufacturers and club racers alike. ATL Fuel Cells can be found on the entire field of LMP1, LMP2, GTE, WTCC, DTM, Super GT, BTCC, GT3 and many more who have all chosen ATL products through no contractual obligation. We also proudly continue to supply every Formula 1 team, and have done so for over 30 years.