ATL refuelling systems are used in car, motorcycle and Jet Ski racing, and are used for many applications beyond motorsport

We can provide equipment suitable for a range of fuels and applications, with many off-the-shelf items and opportunities to design and manufacture bespoke equipment.

The refuelling of any vehicle or storage vessel must be completed safely; this can quite literally be a matter of life and death. Importantly, this process can be optimised for speed and function for any given situation, be it a quick-fill system in motorsport or the fuelling/defuelling of an unmanned aerial system in a remote airfield.

ATL work tirelessly to design and manufacture refuelling systems which are safe but also offer a performance advantage when it can be achieved. We also optimise all downstream equipment that will influence refuelling speeds.

All of our fuel tanks and bladders are designed to consider refuelling needs, and over many years we have developed a number of ways to control the fuel flow direction and speed inside a fuel tank or bladder to speed up the process reliably.

To compliment our work inside of our fuel tanks and bladders, we provide optimised external refuelling equipment. This includes refuelling bowsers, rig drums, valves, hoses, connectors and more.

Our refuelling equipment is always evolving. Often with regulation changes come new designs, but we also develop bespoke systems for individual needs.

One of our more sophisticated pieces of refuelling equipment, an electronic closed-loop refuelling system was recently developed to facilitate the safe movement and transfer of fuel in a motorsport environment. This refuelling bowser is used not only in race circuit garages but also Rally stages and RallyX events. It is also used on numerous airbases to facilitate the fuelling and defuelling of UAV systems. 

Also available for industrial or military fuel transfer is our 2x2 pump. This mobile and durable system is currently used worldwide and is available in a number varieties, including Diesel or electrically powered. 



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