Conservator Bladders

Air-cell conservator bladders protect transformer oil from air & moisture

ATL Air-Cells, COPS Bags, Conservators & Compensators

For over 2 decades, ATL has been producing Air-Cell Conservator Bladders/Bags, COPS bladders (constant oil preservation system) and collapsible “compensators” to control the expansion and contraction of dielectric transformer oil. ATL's dielectric fluid expansion systems isolate transformer fluid from the atmosphere, preventing air and moisture contamination. These bladders, sometimes called transformer conservator membranes are available in standard Westinghouse and GE sizes, as well as in custom configurations to fit any transformer or conservator tank.

ATL's Conservator Bladders feature heavy duty rubberized- nylon construction, precision hard steel flanges and fittings, plus immunity to ozone, petroleum and high temperature.

  • High-quality heavy duty rubberized nylon construction for exceptional durability
  • Replacement bladders; all sizes, for all makes - per your specifications or ours
  • New bladder construction for OEM applications
  • Fabric reinforced hanger loops, flanges & corners
  • Precision machined fitting assemblies
  • All bladders undergo rigorous quality control procedures including pressure & stress tests