Drop Drums

Air transportable fuel containers

The ATL Drop Drum™ is an Aerial Fuel Transport container that can be pressure filled with gasoline, jet fuel or diesel for rapid transport by helicopter, truck, rail or vessel.

Available in 3 sizes: 55 gallons (220 litres), 250 gallons (1000 litres) and 500 gallons (2000 litres), ATL's Drop Drums™ serve as fuel dispensing depots for military troop support, off-shore drilling, remote construction and mining sites, power generation, oil rig support, and rescue/recovery operations.

Each Drop Drum features two access flanges and a 2-inch (50mm) fill/discharge port. These Drums are constructed of ballistic nylon and tire cord for exceptional strength and minimal weight. This unique material exceeds Mil-D-23119-D Specs.

ATL Drop Drums feature three internal restraint straps, two welded lift lugs, 2 H-D nut-ring flanges, 2 steel cover plates, plus optional high-tensile strength lift slings and gate valves.


Principles Of Operation

The ATL Drop Drum is a non-vented collapsible container that is used for the storage, dispensing and transport of liquid fuel. The construction of the Drop Drum allows easy filling and draining at remote sites. The Drop Drum is filled with fuel by gravity or pump to the operating pressure of 5 psi. Once filled, the Drop Drum becomes a semi rigid cylinder capable of being transported by air, sea or ground vehicle and by helicopter sling.

Additional ATL Drop-Drum™ Info:

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