Below and above deck bladders for all marine applications

ATL designs and manufactures fabric-reinforced rubberised bladder tanks in custom sizes, in addition to a wide range of standard bladder tanks.

These bladders can be used to store fuel or water below deck (in the hull of your boat), or above deck as a range-extension solution.

With the ability to adapt our impressive capabilities to suit individual requirements, we can design a­­­­­­nd manufacture integral bladder tanks to fit directly into the hull of a vessel, or an auxiliary tank to suit any available space or locker. It is also possible to manufacture bladders to fit into existing rigid tanks, particularly where integral tanks have failed.

Fuel bladders are only a small part of our marine capabilities, with potable, grey and black water bladders to custom sizes also available.

ATL bladders can be found in offshore race, fishing and work boats, as well as pleasure yachts, military special-ops boats, ski and drag boats and law enforcement patrol craft.

Also available from ATL is the Flame Flex fire sheath. When used in conjunction with an ATL Fluorocell, and designed to be permanently installed around the Fuel Bladder in the hull of a boat, the Flame Flex cover offers U.S. Coast Guard 183.510 approved fire protection. In additional to this approval, the ATL Flame Flex fire sheath is also certified to ISO 10088 (International Organisation for Standardisation) and ABYC H-24 (American Boat & Yacht Council) standards.