World-beating, lightweight technology for Automotive use

ATL design and manufacture equipment for special operation and high–performance road vehicles

Automotive solutions include fuel tanks and bladders manufactured from the full range of technology available to ATL. This includes all of the innovative and world beating technology developed in motorsport and beyond, be it for a lightweight bladder, rotationally moulded and mass-produced or fabricated tank. The same principles come together to create equipment that can be found in many of the world’s fastest cars.

Lightweighting is critical to the future of automotive design and manufacture. The introduction of Hybrid technology is demanding ever lighter equipment and tighter packaging in order to optimise overall vehicle performance and increase efficiency. Therefore the flexible, versatile and lightweight technology that ATL can provide is as relevant as ever as we move forwards into an exciting new world.

Applications for ATL technology in the Automotive industry are not limited to just fuel, with oils, water and coolants also contained by our bladder technology. With increasing use of composites in chassis/vehicle manufacture, ATL can provide perfectly fitting bladders and fluid transfer systems which can be positioned in locations which simply aren’t available to other technologies.

Utilising our Fluorocell technology, ATL can manufacture bladders which have zero permeation, critical to passing various regulatory hurdles.

Whilst ATL are second to none at maximising volume through our shape capabilities, we also extract more fuel from any given volume. Through multiple decades of research and development, we have an arsenal of technology and techniques that we employ to ensure that all fuel is scavenged – thereby saving more weight and increasing efficiency further. 

Whether a single prototype, low-volume or mass production, we are happy to help with any level of project. Our versatile manufacturing facility and equipment, located in Milton Keynes England, is capable of delivering whatever the scale.