Defence & Security

Roto-Moulded Tanks

Cost effective and rugged moulded tanks in any shape and size

Custom or standard shapes and sizes of moulded tanks to suit the demands of defence applications

Utilising a special blend of material (ATL-565) that is unique to ATL, our moulded products are designed to exhibit incredible strength and durability, as well as minimal weight and extremely low permeation rates.

Starting with just a sketch, a drawing, or a CAD model if available, the ATL technical team can provide our experience and expertise to specify a complete assembly that is right for your project. This can be for as little as a basic tank shape, or include our full arsenal of hardware such as integral sumps, threaded inserts, baffles, metallic flanges, bosses, hose attachment nipples and mounting brackets. ATL can also provide solutions for fabricated or composite containers.


During 2015, ATL invested in new machinery to further advance the business’s rotational moulding capabilities and vastly reduce the initial outlay and the resulting payback period for our moulded tanks, making a moulded tank a very popular choice for low to medium volume vehicle manufacturers as well as those that require hundreds or thousands of units. In fact, pack bay can occur after just 10-20 units when compared to a traditional bladder equivalent.

Used for decades in National and International motorsport, the popular and low cost Saver Cell range has been well received in the Automotive, Aviation, Marine and Defence industries.

It is not simply fuel tanks that this technology can be used for. ATL have successfully created a wide range of products to suit all manner of liquid containment. 

The lead time for brand new products, which are designed in-house by expert ATL staff, can be a matter of weeks. Once tooling has been created, new products can be called-off at short notice, further enhancing the attractiveness of the latest ATL capability.

Customers can benefit from the ability to tailor the final material to suit individual needs. Thickness, colour and strength can be adjusted as necessary. Additionally, the material displays self-sealing properties up to a .22 calibre round.