Liquid and gas containment solutions for industry.

ATL produces thousands of custom bladder-type fabrications for a broad spectrum of industrial applications - from complex manufacturing presses and bellows, to relatively simple bulk storage pillow bladders that hold thousands of litres.

With multiple cutting edge technologies, over 100 materials and more than a dozen manufacturing techniques at our disposal, a solution can be found to suit almost any application. Such is the appetite of ATL to find new applications for utilising ATL technology, our team welcome new challenges and ideas.

Some of the film and coated fabrics ATL works with include nitrile, urethane, vinyl, neoprene and fluoropolymers, resulting in the ability to contain a huge range of different liquids and gases. This range of high performance raw materials extends from .07mm (.003") films to 3.18 mm (.125") ultra-heavy-duty rubberised ballistic fabrics.

ATL’s custom tailored solutions can address requirements relating to abrasion, elasticity, strength, pressure, chemical resistance, high and low temperature and many other parameters.

There are virtually no limitations when it comes to the size of your custom ATL bladder. From just a few centimetres to 200,000 litres, ATL can build just about any specification of flexible bladder and can offer both prototype and production inflatables, liners and bladders.

ATL has an in-house fabrication workshop, meaning that tooling, jigs and custom hardware can be manufactured on site, offering fast and flexible capabilities alongside the design and manufacture of products.

The possibilities are wide and varied, and can include:

• Floatation Pontoons   • Air Cells   • Balloons
• Lift Bags • Gas Samplers  • Attenuators
• Compensators • Dampers • Hydraulic Accumulators
• Actuators  • Tank Liners • Ducting
• Breather bags  Pneumatic Structures  • Collapsible drums
• Presses  • Clutches  Pneumatic Seals 
• Pipe Plugs  Flex-tanks • Cuffs
• Marine Fenders • Forms/Moulds • Pond Lines