Defence & Security

Fabricated Fuel Tanks

Specialist fabricated tanks that include advanced fuel system technology

Stainless-steel and aluminium fabricated tanks for defence & security applications

ATL have successfully delivered fabricated tanks into a number of high profile projects. These include a two-part stainless-steel system for the General Dynamics Ocelot, also known as the Foxhound LPPV, which used by the UK MOD and was procured under an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR).

Our fabricated tanks include technology used in Formula 1, Le Mans endurance cars and all manner of other applications. Thanks to on-site design and manufacture capabilities, lead times are short for new or repeat projects, allowing ATL to react much faster than other manufacturers. Our responsiveness and processes for dealing with urgent requests have been honed during decades of motorsport supply, including being the sole supplier to every Formula 1 team for over 25 years. 

Utilising the full arsenal of our technology, an ATL fabricated fuel tank is designed to control the movement of fuel in the same way as our flexible bladders, ensuring that every last drop of fuel can be extracted from the tank. ATL can achieve solutions which are not possible for run-of-the-mill fabricators thanks to our cross-industry technology transfer and unique capabilities.

Just some of the equipment we regularly employ within our fabricated tanks are baffles, safety foam, collector systems, trap doors, venturi systems, rollover protection and pumps.

Our technical team have a wealth of options and suggestions that are open to all of our customers – ensuring optimisation of any project. All solutions are cost effective, and can be tailored to suit performance or cost requirements.

The ATL team consists of some of the best fabricators and welders in the UK, producing the highest quality systems which can be very simple shapes, or as complex as is necessary.

The robust nature of our fabricated tanks makes them a perfect fit for harsh environments, or where requirements simply cannot accept another solution.