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FueLocker Sun Shield

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Part Number: PF-AC-050, PF-AC-075, PF-AC-100, PF-AC-150, PF-AC-150, PF-AC-152, PF-AC-200, PF-AC-250, PF-AC-300
Description: Sun Shield for FueLocker Fuel Bladder

Protective outer-cover for FueLocker bladders.

Several sizes available - please select required size.

ATL's coated fabric Sun Shields slip over FueLocker bladders like a pillow case, protecting against abrasion, heat and UV rays.

Despite the use of UV additives and hydrolysis stabilisers, rubber and fabric products can suffer in extremes of sun, cold, dampness and abrasion. ATL Sun-Shields and Underliners (an underliner is provided with each FueLocker Bladder) provide excellent protection from the elements - extending the life of your FueLocker bladder.


• Fabric-reinforced protective outer cover
• Protects against abrasion, heat and UV rays

Product Name Part Number Litres Sun Shield
200L Petro-Flex Bladder PF-AB-050 200L PF-AC-050
300L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-075 300L PF-AC-075
400L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-100 400L PF-AC-100
600L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-150 600L PF-AC-150
600L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-152 600L PF-AC-150
800L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-200 800L PF-AC-152
1,000L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-250 1,000L PF-AC-200
1,200L FueLocker Bladder PF-AB-300 1,200L PF-AC-250

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