Defence & Security

Self-Sealing Tanks

For over 3 decades, ATL has produced self- sealing and self-healing fuel tanks.

ATL's 'BallistiCoat' fuel tank protection is a multi-ply ballistic rubber coating that enables any standard-fit OEM rigid fuel tank to gain self-sealing/healing properties.

With the additional installation of internal safety foam, the fuel tank can also be made explosion-proof. This product has been approved by the U.S. Secret Service and is ideally suited to Armoured Personnel Vehicles - including Police vehicles, executive vehicles such as limousines and 4x4s, and even lightly-armoured military vehicles.

How BallistiCoat works: 

  • Bullet fired at fuel tank
  • Bullet penetrates BallistiCoat coating and fuel tank
  • Fuel attempts to leak from fuel tank through bullet entry hole
  • BallistiCoat outer coating is exposed to fuel and therefore swells and seals the entry hole
  • Safety foam suppresses explosion as bullet enters fuel
  • High velocity bullets may create an 'exit-wound' hole in the opposing side of the fuel tank:
  • Exit-wound hole sealed in the same manner as entry hole
  • *Tested & Passed with: 9mm Uzi, 7.62mm AK-47 & 5.56mm M-16

Manufacturing/Application Process:

  • Original-fit fuel tank stripped, cleaned and inspected
  • Access apertures installed and safety foam fitted
  • Fuel tank assembly pressure tested
  • Several layers of ballistic rubber compound externally applied to fuel tank
  • Typically, only 9kg is added to the weight of the fuel tank assembly