Fuel Systems

Optimisation of a fuel system is key to extracting maximum performance from a vehicle of any type

At ATL we design and manufacture premier fuel systems and components that meet and exceed our customers exacting standards, ensuring minimal weight, and maximum fuel volume, control and extraction.

Through a collaborative design process, every project can benefit from our superior technology and multiple decades of experience that spans numerous industries. That ATL is the world leading supplier of Safety Fuel Cells and Advanced Fuel Systems to motorsport and the sole supplier to Formula 1 for over 25 years is testament to this.

Sophisticated Systems

Whilst simplicity is often key, we can create sophisticated and complex systems to suit any project or industry. Our systems are used world-wide, be it maximising a stint length at the 24hrs of Le Mans, or extending the flight time and increasing the payload of a Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Utilising a huge arsenal of commonly used components, or items designed/redesigned to meet a systems requirements, ATL can provide a turn-key solution that includes a bladder, all internal components, refuelling equipment, and even a composite or fabricated containment vessel. Each solution is designed to meet the unique environment that will be encountered.

In motorsport that can mean a system that is designed to make refuelling as fast and efficient as possible, incorporating a quick-release pump/filter pack that facilitates a fast change during a pit-stop, or an ultra-light sprint race fuel cell which gives less access but seeks the ultimate performance across a short distance.

The ATL technical team will always suggest the most appropriate technology during the design phase, be it to meet a necessary level of performance, or to create a simple and cost effective solution such as the numerous R5 Rally Fuel Cells in use today.

In aviation, our system can include a drain-out valve and more sophisticated level sensing capabilities to cater for the safety requirements and dynamic flight characteristics. Our experience can help your platform to realise its potential.

Fuel Control

Using a combination of pumps, lightweight baffling, baffle chambers, collectors, one-way valves, weirs, safety foam and more, ATL can ensure that a consistent fuel feed is directed to the pumps.

Typical examples include a system employing low pressure lift pumps to move fuel from naturally occurring or carefully positioned collection areas, and into a main collection chamber for the high pressure pumps to deliver it to the engine. We can also supplement pumps for innovative venturi systems, reducing current draw and the possibility for failure.

We also carefully select even small and seemingly innocuous components to ensure total reliability and cost-effectiveness. Connectors, hoses, clips, everything to complete your fuel system can be provided.

Weight saving

Through careful design and use of our bladder materials and other lightweight manufacturing techniques, ATL ensure that the weight of any fuel system is minimised.

Our technology allows us to eradicate unnecessary brackets, joints and hardware, including just carefully chosen equipment which was designed to reduce weight at the point of conception.

Our technical team always seek to develop a simple system, thereby minimising weight, maintenance and improving reliability.


To complement our fuel tanks / bladders and internal performance enhancing equipment, ATL supply external containers, fill equipment, fire guard systems and other equipment designed to enhance or protect your fuel system. Parts are also held as stock and can be called-off at short notice to replace or upgrade your fuel system. 

World Champions

For almost three decades, ATL has won at least one world championship each and every year, often multiple. These victories are not limited to the circuit racing and rallying for which we are most known for.

Such is the success and popularity of ATL fuel systems, the entire grid at the Le Mans 24hrs race now uses ATL technology, along with every current GT3 car, by far the most popular class for endurance racing.

We seek new challenges and relish the opportunity to develop a new and innovative system with or for our customer.

ATL strive to create the competitive advantage for every application. 

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