Lightweight fuel and liquid containment technology for aircraft

ATL proudly designs and manufactures fuel bladder tanks for a wide variety of aircraft including helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, warbirds, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), missiles and stunt planes

Our tough, lightweight and flexible bladder tanks resist Petroleum, Diesel, Avgas and JP fuels (including JP-10 and JP-TS). Bladders are also available for Hydrogen, Propane and Alcohol fuels. Flexible bladder materials from ATL range from an ultra-lightweight yet strong 0.25mm thickness to super strong, and yet still light, “crashworthy” materials. These materials meet and exceed the necessary strengths required to pass the stringent European Aviation Safety Agencies (EASA) ETSO (European Technical Standard Order) standards and various EASA Certification Specification (CS) regulations.

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