Inflatables & Press Bladders

ATL Bellows, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Presses, Fluid Reservoirs, Compensators, Diaphragms, Flotation Devices

ATL Bellows, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Presses, Fluid Reservoirs, Compensators, Diaphragms, Flotation Devices

ATL produces thousands of custom bladder-type fabrications for a host of industries including Defence, Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Industrial and Environmental.

These devices include inflatable bladders, floatation pontoons, marine fenders, tank liners, clutches, dampers, actuators, hydraulic accumulators, attenuators, presses, cuffs, gas samplers, lift bags, balloons, compensators, air cells, forms, pneumatic structures, pipe plugs, ducting, flex-tanks, breather bags, airtight zipper bags, inflatable targets, decoys, seals, pond liners, dikes and collapsible drums.

ATL bladders are designed and manufactured under one roof, with our design team utilising state-of-the-art CAD software to prepare each project, no matter how large or small, for manufacture using our proprietary technology.

With in-house machining and fabrication capabilities ATL can quickly create customised tooling to turn any idea into reality. ATL's custom inflatable solutions can address abrasion, elasticity, strength, pressure, chemical resistance, temperature and many other parameters.

The company maintains an enormous inventory of rubber and synthetic elastomer stock, plus over 100 reinforced flexible composites. Some of the film and coated fabrics ATL works with include nitrile, urethane, vinyl, neoprene and fluoropolymers. This stockpile of high performance raw materials extends from .003" (.07 mm) films to .125" (3.18 mm) ultra-duty rubberized ballistic fabrics.

ATL can therefore offer both prototype and production inflatables. If it is not immediately clear that ATL technology will fit your requirement exactly, but our advanced design and construction methods would seem to be suitable, get in touch to speak about how we can develop what you need.

ATL Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Bladders

ATL frequently design and manufacture press bladders for use in the manufacturing process of laminates, composites, compound shapes, stress analysis and simulations.

Typically (but not exclusively) consisting of a simple pillow shape, fittings can be specified by the end-use to allow proper integration with the rest of the manufacturing equipment. ATL press bladders are particularly popular for use during the manufacture of ski or snowboard bladders, along with automated laminating machines.