The World’s First Commercial Flying Car "The PAL-V Liberty" is fitted with an ATL Fuel Cell

Date Added: 26/02/2020

Personal Air and Land Vehicle (also known as PAL-V) is a company based in the Netherlands, currently in the development stages of manufacturing the world’s first commercial flying cars – “The PAL-V Liberty”.

Being a combination of both Aerospace and Automotive; durability and lightweight are key elements that are of the essence. ATL Fuel Cells are the perfect addition to the flying car, utilising advanced composite fabric material developed to meet the stringent EASA standards, passing all ETSO C-80 qualification tests the PAL-V Liberty features the safest fuel system available.

With additional benefits in light-weighting and ultimate fuel pickup performance, partnering this with the ability to absorb and disperse energy during rough high-speed circumstances is unmatched.

Already in pre-production and available to pre-order, The PAL-V Liberty Pioneer is a limited-edition model with PAL-V producing a limited run of only 90 vehicles prices at €499,000. The PAL-V Liberty Sport is the standard version and will be available at €299,000.

ATL has supplied PAL-V with a Kevlar reinforced fuel cell featuring a distinct top plate arrangement, plumbing, wiring and internal foam baffling.

We are excited to begin this relationship with PAL-V and hope for more collaborations in the future. PAL-V plan to hand the keys to their customers by 2021, we’re eagerly awaiting to see PAL-V cars on the road and in the air soon!

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