Stronger Than Ever; Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL) Aligns to Become Unified Global Powerhouse

Date Added: 28/11/2023

Aero Tec Laboratories (ATL), the leader in safety fuel systems and flexible fluid containment technology, is pleased to announce the alignment and unification of their USA (Ramsey, NJ) and UK (Milton Keynes, England) manufacturing and engineering facilities.

For decades, ATL Inc. (USA) and ATL Ltd. (UK) have shared common ownership but operated as separate entities, respecting each other’s geographical territories. Although extremely successful acting individually, the merging of ATL’s technological resources, workforce, and manufacturing capabilities will not only result in an enhanced customer experience but will also allow for new product innovation and development to take center stage once again.

With the alignment comes a fresh look in the form of a company rebrand. A sleek new logo has been debuted, as well as a strapline, that will be proudly donned on all marketing materials and slowly integrated into the product line itself. The strapline of “Beyond Safety” pays homage to ATL’s founding principle of safety, but also challenges partners, old and new, to dive deeper into the multitude of advantages that ATL products offer as well as the wide array of sectors that ATL products serve.

The driving force behind this monumental effort is CEO Giles Dawson, whose vision promises to put innovation at the forefront and continue forging the path that ATL founder Peter J. Regna trail-blazed nearly 55 years ago.

300+ employees, and growing, spread across two continents but working all together as one – welcome to the new era of ATL.

For more information, please visit (USA) or (UK). A new user-friendly website is currently being developed to be launched during the Summer of 2024.

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