Oil, Water, Drink Bladders and more

Oil Cells

ATL manufactures ultra-lightweight auxiliary oil cells, for use with oils up to 65°C

The oil cells are typically manufactured from ATL 815-A material, which is less than half a millimeter thick and is extremely lightweight. It is suitable for use with cold oils of up to 65°C and therefore is very useful to store oil prior to it entering the engine.

Using the same technology that is employed to manufacture fuel cells, these oil cells, or bladders, can be created in any shape, mimicking the geometry of the space in which they are to be located – often resulting in some surprising and intricate designs. As we cannot show many of our projects due the confidentiality of shapes, don’t be put off by the simplicity of our examples.

Standard or custom hardware can be included to allow the oil cells to seamlessly join a vehicle oil system. Currently, the majority of the Formula 1 grid utilises one or more ATL oil cells in their car as the technology has proven to be better than all alternatives.

ATL do have a number of materials available which can withstand temperatures higher than 65°C, albeit with a weight and flexibility penalty over the ultra-lightweight oil cells manufactured from ATL 815-A.

ATL welcomes the opportunity to discuss your requirement to see if we can help. There are currently over 100 materials with differing properties in use today by ATL, and requests for the development of new materials to suit specific applications will be considered.