Fuel Cells

Custom Saver Cells

Tough and lightweight, the ATL Saver Cell is the only genuine low cost option for an FIA FT3-1999 Fuel Cell. Now available in custom shapes

ATL’s manufacturing capabilities and cost control mean that this safe FIA approved solution is available from relatively low volumes of production

Custom Saver Cells have a short lead time meaning great flexibility, particularly for low volume vehicle manufacturers looking for a cost effective solution with market leading capabilities. ATL has invested heavily in new machinery to further advance the business’s rotational moulding capabilities. New equipment allows for a faster and more cost effective route to manufacture for custom shaped products.

Moulded from a special blend of material that is unique to ATL, products are designed to exhibit incredible strength and durability, as well as minimal weight. These polymer vessels meet FIA/ FT3 and MVSS-301 Specifications, and feature extremely low permeation rates.

There are very few limitations for size and shape, and ATL’s range of high technology solutions can be applied just as they are with a flexible bladder.

In addition to the considerable investment for the new machinery, ATL has invested in new tooling techniques which vastly reduce the initial outlay, and the resulting payback period.

Used for decades in National and International motorsport, the popular and low cost Saver Cell range has been well received in the Automotive, Aviation, Marine and Defence industries.

More than just fuel tanks

It is not simply fuel tanks that this technology can be used for. ATL have successfully created a wide range of products to suit all manner of liquid containment.

The versatile nature of the ATL moulded product means that complex shapes can be created. The products can also include features such as integral sumps, threaded inserts, baffles, metallic flanges, bosses, hose attachment nipples and mounting brackets.

The lead time for brand new products, which are designed in-house by expert ATL staff, can be a matter of weeks. Once tooling has been created new products can be called-off at short notice, further enhancing the attractiveness of the latest ATL capability.

Material development

As with all of ATL’s technologies, the material used to manufacture ATL moulded products is continuously being developed. Techniques such as multi-layer moulding are also being experimented with and will soon be available to customers.

Customers can benefit from the ability to tailor the final material to suit individual needs. Thickness, colour and strength can be adjusted as necessary. Additionally, the material displays self-sealing properties up to a .22 calibre round.