Below Deck Fuel/Water Bladders

Fuel Bladders

Fuel bladders designed and manufactured to custom shapes

Lightweight Fuel Bladders, custom made to fit below deck

Below Deck Fuel Bladders

ATL design and manufacture boat fuel tanks in custom shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of marine applications and fuels and to fit directly into the hull of a vessel. The bladders can be for a new vessel, or even to fit inside an existing integral tank that has developed a leak and cannot be removed from the vessel.

Key features of an ATL bladder tank:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Impact and Vibration Immune
  • Compatible with petrol, diesel, bio-fuels. ATL have ‘All Fuel’ materials.
  • Foam-filled to reduce slosh and suppress an explosion
  • Can be used to repair old/leaking tanks

Thanks to the benefits of incorporating an ATL bladder into Marine vessels they can be found in offshore race boats, RIBs, fishing and workboats, as well as leisure yachts, military special-ops boats, ski and drag boats, security patrol craft, amphibious vehicles and much more.

Internal baffle systems and an integrated collector are typically built into ATL fuel bladders to ensure fuel is accurately channelled to the fuel pickup locations, thereby ensuring every last drop of fuel is usable.

Flexible boat fuel tanks from ATL are immune to shock and vibration thanks to the nature of the flexible bladder technology, meaning that they do not suffer from stress fractures typically seen in fabricated tanks.

Bladders offer a significant weight saving over other fuel tank solutions, and can also be inserted into a vessel through apertures much smaller than rigid alternatives.

There are over 100 lightweight material choices in use today at ATL, with the most suitable material chosen for each project to suit the application and fuel. 

Custom designs can be a one-off model or for a mass production run as required. With an initial brief and sizing information, the ATL design team will provide everything you need to make the process fast and easy, whilst utilising decades of ATL knowledge and experience. Offering a wide range of standard accessories and hardware such as fuel fittings, cap assemblies, fuel level gauges, fuel pumps, surge tanks and interconnecting valves, ATL can create a full system solution. For when standard equipment simply will not do, we will design and manufacture customised or totally new hardware to achieve maximum performance.

A full design service is offered by ATL to allow all customers to benefit from our multiple decades of experience. Fuel bladder shapes can be as complex or as simple as required, maximising the fuel capacity of any vessel. Our engineers will always suggest improvements that will enhance a design or the finished product.

Whilst we prefer to utilise our lightweight bladder technology, ATL can also supply aluminium or stainless-steel fabricated tanks, along with standard or custom shaped rotationally moulded tanks. These rigid tanks incorporate the same lightweight and performance attributes that ATL fuel tanks are famous for.

FluoroCell – Compatibility with all fuels

ATL can cater for all manner of fuels, not just Petrol and Diesel, using our 893-B material to create a FluoroCell. An ATL FluoroCell is suitable for use with designed to hold all fuels and are totally resistant to the full range of high performance fuels ranging from high aromatic gasoline, ethanol oxygenated fuels (up to E100), Jet Fuels (A,B,4,5,8,10), diesel, bio-diesel, bio-butanol and MTBE. The material also offers zero fuel permeation.


Flame-Flex Fire Protection Sheath

ATL’s ‘Flame-Flex’ fire-resistant lightweight fuel bladder sheath is designed to be permanently installed around an ATL bladder in the hull of a vessel. When used in conjunction with an ATL FluoroCell marine fuel bladder, the Flame-Flex fire sheath is proven to prevent a FluoroCell bladder from exhibiting any signs of damage or fuel leakage after 2.5 minutes of uninterrupted fire exposure!

The result is an assembly that meets US Coast Guard (USCG 33 CFR 183.510), American Boat and Yacht Counsel (ABYC H-24) and ISO (10088) standards.

Features of ATL’s Marine Fuel Tank Systems:

  • Flexible or rigid style tanks available
  • Flexible cells (any size, any geometry) are fully collapsible for easy installation
  • CAD/CAM design and production for accuracy and reproducibility
  • Lightweight, hardwearing and super tough
  • Rigid rotationally moulded tanks available from 10L+ in standard or custom sizes
  • Foam filled for baffling and explosion suppression
  • Shock, vibration and impact resistant
  • Non-corroding, non-rusting polymers
  • Immune to stress cracking and flex-fatigue
  • Lightweight composite and precision machined fittings and flanges
  • Resistant to Gasoline, Bio-Ethanol E10, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Avgas, Mogas, JP4, 5, 8, 10; Jet A, B; Kerosene, Bio-Butanol B10 and Bio-Jet. “All Fuel” compatible materials also available to resist up to Bio-Ethanol E100.
  • Total fuel scavenging options, internal baffles, vent valves, fuel level measuring gauges, fuel drains and internal fuel collectors, can be fully integrated
  • Fully machined plates to suit hull
  • Fuel Level measuring systems