Above Deck Fuel/Water Bladders

Flexible and lightweight bladders

Petro-Flex and FueLocker Range Extension Bladders

Range extension fuel bladder constructed from a highly durable nylon-reinforced material. Extend the fuel range of your vessel by installing a range extension bladder either on-deck or within a vented stowage area. When not in use simply roll up and stow away.

Pillow Style Marine Fuel Bladder Tanks

ATL's Petro-Flex® Range Extension Marine Bladder Tanks are ideal for extended-range fishing, yachting (motor yachts MY and sailing yachts SY), ferrying and cruising trips. They can be placed on a deck or in a vented locker, live well, fish hold or fish box, and are easily filled with gas or diesel fuel from any standard fuel pump nozzle.

When appropriately permitted, Petro-Flex® Tanks may be used to ferry aircraft, feed fuel to power generators, transport petroleum products and provide emergency flotation. Petro-Flex® Range Extension Bladder Tanks by Aero Tec Laboratories allow you to cruise farther, troll longer and fish harder!




Space Saver Marine Fuel Bladder Tanks

ATL's innovative FueLocker® Range Extension Marine Bladder Tanks take up less than 1/2 of the deck space of a Petro-flex® pillow bladder of the same capacity. The newly designed bladder accepts gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, E-10 bioethanol and jet-fuel.

ATL FueLockers are perfect for fishing, flying, yachting (MY & SY), tenders, trucking, touring, expedition vessels, power generation and defence operations.

ATL's FueLocker® Range Extension Bladder Tank is also easy to store; simply fold and stow when not in use. A safe, convenient way to travel farther!



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