Auxillary Fuel Tanks and Accessories

Refuelling Bowser

ATL ATEX Compliant Closed-Loop Refuelling Bowser 

The ATL Refuelling Bowser is fitted with an FIA FT3 safety cell and is a sealed ATEX compliant fuel system. Available in 100L / 200L Capacity.

Aero Tec Laboratories has designed and built a zero-vapour refuelling bowser, which makes any refuelling environment safer for engineers, ground crew and pilots alike. 

The bowser connects to an aircraft or fuel drum using two hoses, one for the fuel and one for the displaced air, and has been designed to do four specific things in a totally closed loop system:

  1. Empty an aircraft and measure the amount of fuel removed, without risking running the on-board pump dry.
  2. Fill the transfer bowser from a standard drum, measuring the amount of fuel withdrawn and the total in the bowser.
  3. Put the required amount of fuel into the aircraft via a dead man principle.
  4. Fill or empty a fuel reservoir quickly and safely.

ATL Fuel Bowser:

  • Sealed ATEX compliant fuel system
  • No fumes or vapour at any time
  • Integrated display of fuel weight
  • Fast, accurate filling
  • Pump 35 litres per minute
  • Internal 12v battery with external battery charging
  • Emergency power via Anderson jump plug
  • Designed to fit underneath workbench
  • Available as 100L or 200L capacity

Bowser Dimensions:

  • 100 ltr = 760 x 500 x 725mm (DxWxH)
  • 200 ltr = 760 x 700 x 880mm (DxWxH)

Safety Features: 

  • Automatic shut down when tank is full
  • Automatic shut down when bowser tank full
  • Automatic shut down when zero flow
  • Only operates on ‘dead man’ push button
  • Fail safe and foolproof

Optional Extras Include:

Temperature sensor, Data Logger, Drum Wand, Auto Dispense Feature, Hose Tidy, Battery Charger, Spare Battery, Soft Cover and 2m hoses in either -6 or -12 sizes.

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