The Dark Ice Project: 3 Explorers Embark on a Journey to the North Pole with ATL Range Extension Bladders!

Date Added: 06/03/2020

Three of Britain’s most accomplished polar explorers have come together to embark on a journey to one of the world’s most hostile environments – across the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole.

Alex Hibbert, James Wheeldon and George Bullard will embark on a 6-month journey from the northern coast of Alaska at the close of the High Arctic summer towards the edge of the polar icepack in a modified lifeboat!

The Dark Ice Project will draw on the proprietary technologies and expertise of ATL to design and manufacture five Safety Fuel Bladders for the team to extend their travel range.

“We'll be needing 5x 400L Petro-Flex, including one expertly modified by ATL for direct engine fuel supply, as these products are so key to our project.” - Alex Hibbert, The Dark Ice Project Explorer

In their race against the sun, ATL guarantees durable and puncture-resistant Range Extension Fuel Bladders which will get the Dark Ice Team to their destination.

Constructed from a highly durable nylon-reinforced material, our Petro-Flex bladders will be installed on special adjustable internal racking to extend the fuel range of the TELB vessel. Furthermore, Tie-Down kits will be supplied with all extension bladders along with a stainless-steel outlet and camlock cap for a custom bladder.

The Dark Ice team will be the first people to ski to the North Pole without resupply in winter, surviving on oat-based breakfasts, dried-pasta for dinner and high calorific, slow energy-releasing snacks such us nuts.

Our Range Extension Bladders will give the team a safe and convenient way to travel with their supplies and equipment with additional ATL accessories to keep the bladders secure!

The project will discover how microplastics accumulate and behave within the water, snow and ice of the dark Arctic winter through a series of science procedures in collaboration with agencies, institutes and global universities.

We are delighted to be the Fuel Bladder supplier for this incredibly exciting project. Set to sail in September 2020 we wish Alex, James and George a safe and rewarding trip!

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