New 60 Litre Capacity D-Cell Available NOW from ATL

Date Added: 04/05/2018

ATL are pleased to announce a new addition to the World Leading Saver Cell range. The new, 60 litre D-Cell has been designed to fit easily into the wheel well of most cars, offering increased capacity over the existing D-Cell options without unnecessarily lifting the car's centre of gravity. 

The new Saver Cell is constructed from the popular ATL-565 material as are all ATL Saver Cells, which exceeds the FT3-1999 requirements. The strong and lightweight material is by far the most cost effective and durable FT3-1999 solution available. 

An increasing number of Race and Rally championships now require FT3-1999 Fuel Cells to be fitted for competition. Such is the nature of motorsport, a large number of competitors need a fast and simple solution to achieve this new level of safety, there is no easier way than to use a D-Cell.

For many of the competitions needing to meet the FT3-1999 regulations, it was recognised that the existing 45 litre D-Cell variant is not large enough for some competitors to complete their event distance, and so the new 60 litre D-Cell was born.  

The shape of the new Saver Cell maximises the usefulness of the often unused wheel well of a vehicle, and was developed following consultation with numerous race and rally competitors. It fits easily into vehicles such as the Renault Clio, Peugeot 106, Fiat 500 Abarth and many more.



The 60L D-Cell is supplied as standard with baffle foam and two fuel pickups. It is available with or without the standard ATL lightweight aluminium top plate.  

As is typical of the world's most popular Fuel Cell range, accessories and upgrades are available. The full range of ATL's Saver Cell upgrades can be used to enhance the new D-Cell, such as collectors, pumps, filters, regulators, hoses, electrical accessories, custom top plates and much more.

Endurance specific enhancements are also available to suit all requirements, such as quick fill refuelling and level gauge systems. 

Production has now begun and the new 60L D-Cell will be available to purchase soon using the following part numbers:

60L Saver D Cell with top plate: SA-AA-220

60L Saver D Cell without top plate: SA-AA-224

The new Saver Cell will also be available to purchase through your local ATL Agent. Part numbers may differ from those above. 


Product Notes

The new 60L D-Cell has been designed to fit in most wheel wells, but it will not fit in all. Please ensure that your vehicle can accept the Cell before purchasing, paying particular attention to the available space for the area outside of the well itself. The following drawing supplies all critical dimensions required to ensure a good fit. 

To comply with FIA FT3-1999 regulations, Fuel Cells must be fitted behind a firewall. Please check your technical regulations for full installation requirements.


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