Refuelling Equipment


Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd can now offer the new KRONTEC RFC-89 Refuelling Valve

Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd can now offer the new KRONTEC RFC-89 refuelling valve

Part Numbers:

RE-AG-056 - KRONTEC RFC-89-K - Coaxial Male Dry-Break Probe.

RE-AG-057 - KRONTEC RFC-89-TN - Coaxial Female Dry-Break Probe

RE-AG-058 - KRONTEC RFC-89-TN-COL - Coaxial Separator Vent

RE-AA-059 - KRONTEC RFC-89-TN-SEAL - Separator Vent Seal Kit.


  • Safety Locking System
  • Cross Section: 6118mm2
  • Double Shut-off
  • Operating Temperature: 0C - +50C
  • Material: 7075 T6
  • Can be used for all fuels (Inc biogenic fuels)
  • Conductive design for all components

The whole system is entirely interchangeable with the KRONTEC RFC-88-Series

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