Oil, Water, Drink Bladders and more

Drink Bladders

ATL design and manufacture drink bladders from an ultra-lightweight yet durable food-grade material

These drink bladders are versatile in shape, with the ATL design engineers able to take any shape or container and create a fully fitting bladder. Often used in Formula 1, where drinks bladders are regulated at a maximum of 1.5 litres, ATL will make necessary simplifications to reduce the weight down to an absolute minimum.

A multitude of fittings can be included on an ATL drink bladder. These can be simple nipples for maximum weight savings or more complex CPC fittings to give a robust and positive connection. ATL does not limit the hardware that can be included and is pleased to look at all ideas and requests.

Drink bladders can be vented or collapsible. Where a collapsible bladder is being created, we will use simple ideas such as an internal piccolo tube to ensure all liquid can be extracted from the bladder. There are no size limitations for our bladders – no bladder is too big or too small!