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FIA FT3.5-1999

FT3.5 fuel cells offer weight savings and increased flexibility over the FT3 standard

Whilst no FIA-regulated category mandates the use of an FT3.5 approved flexible fuel bladder, they are very popular thanks to their properties and can be used to upgrade from an existing FT3 bladder. Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL)'s  FT3.5 fabrics are widely used amongst our Le Mans Prototypes (LMP), Grand Tourer (GT) customers and older specification World Rally Cars (WRC). The mandatory fuel cell for use in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), designed and manufactured by ATL, is also manufactured from FT3.5 material.

Based on the same weave construction as ATL’s FT5 material, these revolutionary FT3.5 rubberised fabrics are also manufactured from DuPont Kevlar fibres and an ATL proprietary synthetic elastomer coating. As fewer strands of Kevlar are required to achieve this specification, the result is an incredibly lightweight and highly flexible fuel bladder. The resulting flexibility means that they can be fitted through a smaller aperture, which is a welcome benefit from most car designers. These properties ensure that ATL's FT3.5 fuel cells dominate every series they are used in.

Our motorsport fuel cells are chosen by a huge number of manufacturer teams, and in 2017 alone won the World Endurance Championship, the Le Mans 24hrs, the World Rally Championship and IMSA in the USA.

FT3.5 fuel cells remain an affordable way to increase the performance of any vehicle.

Typical uses of an FIA FT3-1999 Fuel Cell

Circuit Racing – Prototypes (LMP1 / 2) / GT Cars

ATL fuel cells offer remarkable lightweight and extreme durability - making them a popular choice for endurance racing.

This is demonstrated at the Le Mans 24 hour race every year, where almost every single car chooses to run with ATL bladder thanks to the performance and reliability inherent with an ATL bladder and fuel system.  ATL's unique construction methods also allow internal baffle systems to be constructed which help ensure optimum fuel scavenge - critical in the closing laps of any endurance race.

Additionally, ATL design and manufacture the internal hardware layout, with quick-fill capabilities, redundancy and fast-fit technology included for if the worst should happen. From start to finish, an ATL FT3.5 fuel system is designed to win.

Off Road – Rally / Rally Raid

ATL can supply complete advanced fuel systems for WRC, R5, P-WRC, S2000 and Rally Raid cars. ATL's lightweight fuel systems have been leading the way in the WRC and numerous National Championships for many years. In fact, until a recent switch to the FT5 standard to increase safety in the WRC, our FT3.5 fuel cells have been unbeaten since 2013.

Standard Super Cells

ATL manufacture a standard range of cuboid fuel cells in our 797-B FT3.5 material. The volumes range from 30 litres – 100 litres and they can be used for circuit racing, rallying or any situation where a strong and lightweight bladder is required. FT3.5 Super Cells are foam filled and incorporate an internal fabric collector system installed utilising ATL trap doors.