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200MB -6 FIA In-Line Vent Valve - M16 bulkhead

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Part Number: TF-AF-021
Description: 200MB -6 FIA In-Line Vent Valve - M16 bulkhead

In line roll-over vent valve to comply with FIA Article 253-3.4.

The valve has roll-over protection and allows a fuel cell to breathe as fuel is used, expands or contracts.

Various fitment sizes available.


• 200mb -6 FIA in-line vent valve mounted on a M16 bulkhead fitting
• 200mb blow-off pressure
• Roll-over protection

Complies with FIA Article 253-3.4:
The fuel cell ventilation system must include the following elements:
a gravity activated roll-over valve
a float chamber ventilation valve
a blow-off valve with maximum over pressure of 200 mbar, working when the float chamber ventilation valve is closed.

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