Quick Disconnect Couplings

(-6) Alloy QD Male

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Part Number: TF-AD-041
Description: (-6) Alloy QD Male

Low Pressure Drop — The two-piece body construction permits larger flow passages than the designated size of the coupling, permitting greater flow while maintaining low pressure drop and provides end fitting versatility.

Smooth Flow — Snap-tite’s “Jet Stream” valve design helps maintain a clean linear flow. Positive positioning of the valve aids in maintaining a steady, even flow under normal working conditions.

Flow on Connection — Valves are designed to automatically open in both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is connected permitting maximum free low.

Shut-off On Disconnection — Valves are designed to automatically close under normal usage conditions in both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is disconnected.

Fast Efficient Operation — Connect or disconnect in seconds. To connect, pull back the sleeve, insert the nipple into the coupler and release the sleeve. To disconnect, pull back the sleeve, remove the nipple and the halves are disconnected.


• Male QD
• -6 Quick Disconnect
• -6 JIC male ends
• Made from aluminium
• Features Viton seals

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