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Resistance Output Fuel Level Sender

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Part Number: EL-AD-151
Description: Resistance Output Fuel Level Sender

Fuel level sender with a resistance output suitable for use with EU standard pump fuel - petroleums and diesel.

Customisable length from 540mm-200mm.

Not suitable for use with fuels that have a high dielectric constant (e.g. alcohols, E85)

Supplied with:
• Bolts
• Washers
• Gasket Kit



• Length: Supplied 540mm long but can be cut down and calibrated to any length between 540mm and 200mm
• Output: 240 Ohms (Empty) to 33 Ohms (Full)
• Can be used with EL-AD-068 ATL Dashboard Gauge
• Only suitable for EU standard pump fuel (diesel and petrol). Not suitable for fuels with a high dielectric constant (e.g. alcohols, E85).
• Supplied with a kit of bolts, washers and a gasket for fitment.

Download EL-AD-151 Fuel Level Sender calibration instructions (here).

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