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Manual Fuel Drain

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Part Number: RE-AH-001
Description: Manual Fuel Drain

The ATL Manual Fuel Drain/Transfer Pump is ideal for the transfer of petrol or diesel from fuel bowsers to refuelling churns, or for draining fuel cells of residual fuel

• Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction
• Durable Inlet and Outlet Valves
• For use with Petrol or Diesel
• 500cc capacity (per stroke)
• Portable and easy to operate

To use:

Attach one of the two hoses to the outlet valve. Insert the inlet hose into the fuel to be transferred, ensuring the hose is close to the bottom of the container.

Place the outlet hose into the fuel churn or fuel cell to which the fuel is to be transferred. Withdraw the handle to its full extent and begin to pump until liquid appears at the inlet hose. If no liquid appears immediately, it may be necessary to keep pumping to clear the air that may be trapped in the system.

The user should also ensure that the two containers or fuel cells are close enough together to avoid any fuel spillage.

WARNING: This equipment is not suitable for the transfer of caustic or acidic liquids

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