Above Deck Fuel/Water Bladders

Custom Range Extension Bladders

ATL can custom build Petro-Flex & FueLocker bladders to your exact specifications

When our standard sizes of Petro-Flex or FueLocker bladders simply do not fit the space available, ATL can create custom shapes and sizes to suit bespoke needs. 

Utilising the very same equipment and materials that give the Petro-Flex and FueLockers their unique qualities, custom designs can be manufactured in a matter of weeks.

It is also possible to customise the hardware included on a bladder, changing the type, size and location as required. Our technology is very versatile and almost any hardware can be mounted to an ATL access hatch plate.

Custom FueLockers are very popular for fitting into a Portuguese bridge, or an unused section of the deck, instantly gaining significant range for a vessel. These customised bladders will roll up in the same way as our standard range, meaning they can be stowed away once emptied into the main tank.