Refuelling Systems

Two-by-Two Portable Refuelling System

A Fully Integrated Refuelling System With Your Choice of Power

A Fully Integrated Refuelling System With Your Choice of Power

The ATL “Two-By-Two”™ Portable Refuelling System is a complete package for transferring fuel from ATL Petro-Flex® tanks (or rigid tanks) to ground vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, military vehicles, or other tanks and drums. The “Two-By-Two” System may also be used to fill storage vessels when offloading tank trucks, wagons or transport trucks.

ATL's most popular "Two-By-Two" features a 4.2 HP HATZ diesel engine, 100 GPM centrifugal pump (100 GPM free flow, Approx. 60 GPM after filtration), 1/2 micron filter, hoses, nozzle, totalizer, ground strap, relief valve, pressure gauge, condensate bleed and roller cart. Electric powered units are also available.

All components in the ATL “Two-By-Two” Portable Fuel Delivery System are resistant to gasoline (mogas), diesel, JP4, 5, 6, 8, 10, Avgas and 30% oxygenates. "Two-By-Two" Pumps are also available for pumping water and aqueous solutions.

Both, Electric Motors and Diesel Engines like the 2 HP Electric Motor, or 4.2 HP Diesel Engine can be ordered with (optional) All Terrain Hand Trucks, Aircraft Flowmeter for Gallons and Litres, 5 Micron Filter and Pressure Differential Gauge.

Standard Equipment

  • 400 lb. Load Capacity Steel Hand Truck with 10" Semi-Pneumatic Wheels. Red Powder Coat Finish. Ideal For Use On Flat Ground
  • 4.2 HP HATZ with Recoil Starter & Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump (100 GPM Free Flow - Approx. 60 GPM After Filtration)           
  • Static Ground Strap - 25 Foot Length
  • 1/2 Micron Water Separator Filter with Pressure Gauge
  • Suction & Discharge Hose With Nozzle – Included Hose Lengths:  10 Feet (3m) of 2" "Tank Truck" Suction Hose and 50 Feet (15m) of 1-1/2" (38mm) "Tank Truck" Discharge Hose with Pistol Style Refueling Nozzle with Dust Cap and Lanyard

Optional Equipment

  • Aircraft Grade Flowmeter (Gallons) -  Add -FMG to P/N
  • Aircraft Grade Flowmeter (Liters) - Add -FML to P/N
  • 5 Micron Filter -  Add -5 to P/N
  • 1000 lb. Load Capacity All-Terrain Hand Truck* - Add -AT to P/N
  • Pressure Differential Gauge  - Add -PD to P/N