The Flying Bulls - B25 World War 2 Bomber restored to its former glory

Chocks away! When The Flying Bulls undertook their annual maintenance rebuild, they found that their original B25 Bomber bladder tanks had deteriorated and were leaking.

Unfortunately, the bladder tanks were irreparable and needed replacing; the only trouble was that due to the age of the aircraft, there were no drawings of the bladder tanks available.

As ATL already supply their motorsport division, Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race team, with their safety fuel bladder tanks, The Flying Bulls gave the ATL Technical Sales team the Mayday call to help them out. Within a few days, the ATL engineers flew out to the top-secret hangar to start measuring up the Wing and Fuselage Fuel Bay cavities.

Using a ROMER Absolute Arm, the latest in Scanning equipment, ATL swiftly collected the Point Cloud data of the wing and fuselage structures. These were then converted into usable CAD surfaces, enabling the fuel cell tool to be accurately produced, which in turn meant that perfectly sized and close fitting bladder tanks were manufactured.

During the AOG (Aircraft on Ground) phase, the ATL Design Team acted quickly and professionally to produce the tooling patterns for the highly skilled ATL Technicians to handcraft a set of B25 Fuel Bladder Tanks; all done within The Flying Bulls planned maintenance schedule.

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