M-Sport S2000 - from CAD to Victory in 12 Weeks!

Following disappointing results and unreliable delivery from another fuel cell supplier on a prototype unit, M-Sport approached ATL to design, develop and manufacture 25 complete assemblies in just 8 weeks

Rising to the challenge, ATL delivered a prototype unit within 4 weeks. The Prototype unit was signed-off with no redesign required prior to the commencement of the main production run. This meant that manufacture of production cells could begin within the hour!

Week 1 - Design signed off

Week 4 - Prototype unit delivered

Week 8 - 25 production fuel cells delivered

Week 12 - 2 international rally victories!

ATL batch-produced the custom components and sub-assemblies meaning rapid, cost-effective delivery of parts to the production line. QC failure rate at M-Sport’s Goods Inward inspection was zeroThe ATL-designed system offered a £450 saving per car over their previous supplier, coupled with improved performance and a reduction in weight.

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