Ginetta G50 Filler Neck Safety Flapper Valve: From Fireball to ‘not a drop spilled’ within 3 weeks

Following a huge accident that saw a Ginetta G50 explode into a fireball when the remote filler hoses were severed, ATL reacted to prevent any such incident ever occurring again.

The solution was to install a flapper valve that would close-off the filler hoses whenever the car was not being refuelled.

The challenge was that, during refuelling, the flapper must open to allow fuel into the fuel cell through one aperture, whilst simultaneously allowing air/fuel vapour out of the cell via another aperture. At the time of the construction of the car, no suitable part was available.

Through quick thinking from the ATL design team, a product was designed, manufactured, tested and put into production. A Safety Flapper Valve was delivered to every G50 owner within 3 weeks of the original accident.

Our fast work was rewarded, when not long later the same type of car had a violent crash at the fastest circuit in the UK - Thruxton. The newly designed and fitted valve performed exactly as expected, ensuring no fuel spillage, and therefore no fire!

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