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Automatic -6 Shut Off Valve

Automatic -6 Sh...
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Product Information

Part Number: TF-AE-002
Description: Automatic -6 shut off valve

Vent valve:  


  • Opening pressure: 3 bar

  • Operating Pressure: 4-8 bar

  • Shut off pressure: 3 bar

  • 1 x -6 female inlet

  • 1 x -6 male inlet

Please note:

This Valve has been specifically manufactured to fulfil the regulation (Appendix J Article 253-3.3 (2016) Group N, A, R-GT) concerning the detection of leakage or fracture of the fuel supply line. The valve functions be detecting a pressure drop in the fuel feed line (At a pressure under 3 bar, the valve interrupts the fuel supply) This valve is mandatory for WTCC, BTCC and World Rally Cars

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