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Aug 8, 2012

ATL Broadens its Links with Armed Forces and Aviation

Frontline to Front Row

Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd (ATL), suppliers of safety fuel bladder tanks to every current Formula 1 race team and a leading supplier to the Defence Sector, have joined forces by sponsoring the newly created UK Armed Forces Race Bike team; ‘True Heroes Racing’. 

Formed in association with ‘Afghan Heroes’ (www.afghanheroes.org.uk), True Heroes Racing supports former serviceman - who have suffered some appalling injuries in the name of our Nation’s security - by using motorsport to bring a real difference to their lives and give them a renewed sense of purpose. 

“...All projects have to start somewhere and to do this I have formed a small race team of 3 injured servicemen, assisted by 1 able-bodied serviceman, with the aim of proving these individuals can compete alongside their able bodied counterparts at the highest levels, but instead of starting on 4 wheels we are starting on 2!  We are working towards running one of the injured guys, who is a double amputee below the knee and if we can compete on 2 wheels, anything else is possible!” says Phil Spencer, THR Team Manager. 

ATL Sales and Marketing Director, Kevin Molloy said, “It is an honour and a privilege to be able to assist these true heroes in helping them to achieve their dream. Fingers crossed it is ‘Frontline to Front Row’ for the team this Saturday” 

Everyone at ATL wishes True Heroes Racing the very best of luck with their first race this weekend at Castle Combe. 

If you or your company would like to sponsor True Heroes Racing, please contact Team Manager, Phil Spencer (phil.spencer@trueheroesracing.co.uk).


Lighter than air!

A major scoop for ATL has been its involvement with the US Army’s new manned or unmanned military ‘Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle’ (LEMV). This hybrid Airship, developed by Northrop Grumman and Hybrid Air Vehicles, will provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) support for ground troops.

The Airship is 100m long, and its design requirements include the capability to operate at 6 km (20,000 feet) above mean sea level, a 3000 km (2,000 mile) radius of action and a 21-day on-station availability.

ATL’s ultra-lightweight, precision fit fuel bladder tanks help to store the 6 tons of fuel required for the Airship’s operational flight duration!

A video of LEMV’s first flight is available on the Northrop Grumman YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1G-L7qvTKI.



ATL has secured a contract with Marenco SwissHelicopter to supply a multi-celled fuel bladder system for their new SKYe SH09 helicopter, capable of serving the military, commercial, surveillance and medical industries.

Built to comply with specific EASA bladder regulations, ATL has called upon its off-road Rally Raid design experience and created a very efficient baffle system to cope with the incredible manoeuvrability of a helicopter. 

“The movement of a helicopter can be akin to a Paris-Dakar Rally Raid vehicle when it drives up and over steep sand dunes. If we can achieve a constant fuel supply in a Rally Raid vehicle, then it makes sense to incorporate the same internal baffle design into a tank with a different external shape” says Alex Ng, ATL Chief Designer. 

Prototype test flights are scheduled for the end of December – you can keep track of the helicopter’s progress by visiting www.marenco-swisshelicopter.com.


Is it a car? It is a plane? 

ATL is proud to have been chosen to supply the fuel bladder tank for the latest flying car code-named the ‘PAL-V’ (Passenger Air and Land Vehicle).

The experienced ATL design team rose to the challenge and found a solution to ensure a constant fuel supply to the 230bhp engine, whether the vehicle was running in ‘tilt technology’ mode during road car cornering use, or under high vibration frequency mode during gyroplane use. 

The PAL-V had a very successful maiden flight last month - has the ‘car’ of the future just been ‘launched’? 

A video of LEMV’s maiden flight is available on the PAL-V YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/PalVco.


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