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Marine Main Fuel Tanks (Below Deck)

The impact absorbing nature of ATL's flexible composite fuel bladder technology is ideally suited to any vehicle subject to impact or vibration.

Key properties of ATL Marine fuel bladders:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Impact and Vibration Immune
  • Compatible with petrol, diesel, bio-fuel and water
  • Foam-filled to reduce slosh and supress explosion

As marine craft are subject to constant vibration and regular high energy impacts when the vessel hits the trough of a wave, ATL's bladders are widely used in the hulls of racing powerboats and pleasurecraft - either as an Original Equipment (OEM) fit, or as replacements within older boats. Alternatively, bladders can be custom made to fit within the bow, transom, exisiting storage lockers or other unused cavities - thereby extending the range of your vessel.

ATL bladders have also been used in sailing yachts, where a small quantity of fuel is stored within the hull for running on-board generators or emergency methods of propulsion.

Several materials are available which are specifically suited to marine use - please contact ATL's Sales Team with your requirements.

ATL can also offer industry approved fire-protection for its fuel bladders - see the Flame-Flex Fire Sheath page