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ATL can manufacture inflatable press-bladders for use in industrial testing and manufacturing processes – past examples have included snowboard, drum, guitar and digital display press bladders.

ATL produces many Air-Cell Conservator Bladders or collapsible ‘compensators’ to control the expansion and contraction of dielectric transformer oil. ATL's dielectric fluid expansion systems isolate transformer fluid from the atmosphere, thereby preventing contamination from air and moisture. ATL Air-Cell Conservator Bladders are constructed from heavy-duty rubberised-nylon and include precision hard steel flanges and fittings, which means that they boast immunity to ozone, petroleum and high temperatures. Air-tight pillow bladders and containment berms are also available, for bulk storage of transformer oil.

These bladders are available in standard Westinghouse and GE sizes, as well as in custom configurations to fit any transformer or conservator tank.


ATL's inflatable bladders are manufactured to your individual specifications -
Please contact the ATL Sales Team with your requirements