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ATL proudly manufactures fuel bladder tanks for a wide variety of aircraft including: Stunt planes, warbirds, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), missiles and helicopters. These tough, lightweight and flexible bladder tanks resist motor gasoline, diesel, avgas and JP fuels (including JP-10 and JP-TS). Other bladders are available for hydrogen, propane and alcohol fuels. ATL's fuel cell installations can be designed as vent-less collapsing diaphragms or as vented non-collapsing liners.

The demands of UAV design play closely to ATL’s core motorsport skill-set of reliability, complete fuel scavenge and ultimate light weight: ATL has spent decades fine-tuning its manufacturing process to reduce the weight of its fuel bladders and ancillaries. Demonstrating further commitment to this new industry, ATL has developed a new super-lightweight bladder material specifically for UAV applications. By demonstrating this level of commitment to innovation, ATL has established itself as the market leader in yet another industry.