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30L Saver Cell - Aviation

30L Saver Cell ...
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Product Information

Part Number: SA-AA-040
Description: 30 Litre Saver Cell

Main/Auxiliary fuel cell constructed from a highly tough and durable plastic alloy (ATL 565):
Ideal for situations where a new main fuel tank is to be installed, or an auxiliary fuel tank is to be installed on a semi-permanent basis, Saver Cells are available in a range of sizes from 20L to 170L.
In motorsport, this crashworthy material is approved by the FIA (the Governing Body of world motorsport) to the 'FT3-1999' standard.

Length x Width x Height:
505 x 305 x 224mm

n.b. All fuel cells experience some swelling when subjected to fuels (typically 2-4% linear). Please allow 2 weeks for Saver Cell bladder dimensions to stabilise.

Supplied with:

  • (1) 6x10" Standard Saver Cell Top Plate - Click Here

  • (2) -6 'Duck-Foot' fuel pick-ups (with sock filters) - Click Here

  • (1) -6 Rollover Vent Valve - Click Here

  • Internal Saftey Foam Baffling

Associated Parts (available separately):

  • Aluminium Container with quick-release lid (SA-AA-041) - Click Here

Please note:
It is not recommended for customers to build their own alloy containers without consulting ATL - as any sizing issues may invalidate warranty.

For more information, please:
Call: +44(0)1908 351700
Email: sales@atlltd.com