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135° Ø2" Dual Bottle

135° Ø2" Dual B...
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Product Information

Part Number: RE-AA-033
Description: Ø2" Refueling Bottle (25L) with Ø2" Male Probe (Fill) and Ø2" Male Probe (Vent) for 'closed loop' refuelling.

25L Refueling Bottle with single Ø2" Male Dry Break Probe (Fill) and single Ø2" Male Dry Break Probe (Vent)


- 25 litre capacity
- (2 off) Ø2" Single FIA male Dry-Break Refueling Probe for Fill and Vent - RE-AG-003 
- (1 off) 135° angled Filler Neck
- (2.5m) Ø1½" Flexible Vent  Hose - RM-AB-001
- (1 off) Ø57mm x 150mm long Fluoro-lined Silicone Hose - RE-AE-023
- (3 off) Ø57mm x 100mm long Fluoro-lined Silicone Hose - RE-AE-022

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